UNEP EaP-Green

Greening Economies and
Implementing Sustainable Consumption and Production in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia

IFOAM - in collaboration with Grolink, Louis Bolk Institute and Organic Services - is implementing a component in the EC funded UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) project for Eastern Europe/Caucasia during the year of 2014.

The project focuses on the countries of Armenia, Moldova and Ukraine and aims to expand the countries' production and trade of organic agriculture produce and to improve their access to the growing European markets for organic products.


The main objectives are to expand domestic organic agri-food supply chains and foster foreign organic trade exchanges. The project outcomes, as well as the experiences and lessons learned during its implementation, should offer ideas and demonstrate the opportunities for scaling up a green economy transition across the EECCA region. In particular, Azerbaijan, Belarus and Georgia stand to benefit from it.

The ultimate aim of the project is to increase the number of companies and farmers that harness the trade opportunities of organic agriculture.


  • Updating country studies with up-to-date market information and information on tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade organic products
  • Preparing guidance documents on packaging, branding and marketing of organic products
  • Conducting a first round of workshops in Armenia, Moldova and Ukraine that bring together the main stakeholders
  • Conducting a regional conference to present first results of the project 
  • Conducting a European market assessment for the main export products (cereals, protein crops, fruits and berries in raw and processed forms,herbs, honey, mushrooms, viticulture and animal products)
  • Conducting a second round of workshops that will validate country reports and market assessments
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