IFOAM Africa Office

The IFOAM Africa Office works with partner organizations and the African organic movement to implement IFOAM‘s Organic Alternative for Africa. In addition to its partner organizations, the Africa Office has 14 IFOAM Contact Points in 13 African countries. Each of them represents or is the coordinating office for a national Organic Agriculture movement or national or regional organic network.


  • Promoting Organic Agriculture among farmers groups, NGOs, governments and development organizations in Africa;
  • Accelerating the uptake of organic agriculture in Africa at the local, national and continental level;
  • Providing reliable data on the development of the organic sector in Africa;
  • Increasing acknowledgement of Organic Agriculture by competent authorities in the region;
  • Facilitating knowledge and experience sharing.


Markus Arbenz

Markus Arbenz, IFOAM Executive Director & Interim Organic for Africa! Coordinator

phone: +49-228-9265010 Fax: +49-228-9265099

e-mail: m.arbenz [at] ifoam.org