Global Online PGS Database

This database is the most comprehensive and up-to-date collection on Participatory Guarantee Systems available online. It offers a list of worldwide PGS initiatives and to them the possibility of displaying and sharing information.

Registration on the database is voluntary and PGS initiatives submit their information, documents and pictures as well as the Self Evaluation Form (SEF) for their profiles directly to the pgs [at] (IFOAM PGS Team). The information is regularly updated and monitored by the IFOAM PGS Team. However, the accuracy of the content depends on the PGS initiative that provides the information.

Your PGS initiative is not yet registered in the IFOAM Global Online PGS Database? Please do not hesitate to pgs [at] (contact us)! We look forward to receiving your information and informing you about how your PGS initiative can obtain official IFOAM Recognition.

IFOAM PGS Recognition - Use of the IFOAM PGS Logo

Through the presence of the IFOAM PGS Logo, the database indicates whether a PGS has obtained official IFOAM recognition. IFOAM can only guarantee the compliance with the Key PGS Elements and Features, as well as integrity vis-à-vis the organic principles for the PGS that are recognized by IFOAM. These PGS have access to the IFOAM PGS Logo if they are also members of IFOAM. The PGS logo can be used in communication materials, such as websites and brochures, but not on products.

Please consult the following documents for details.

IFOAM PGS Recognition: Instructions for Applicants

Use of the IFOAM PGS Logo



Are you involved or aware of a PGS that is not yet listed in the Global PGS Database below? Please share your knowledge with us and give some information about your PGS here.

PGS Initiatives Officially Recognized by IFOAM (IFOAM Members)

CountryPGS NameContactYear of CreationNumber of Operators IFOAM Member
BrazilAssociação Biodinamica - ABD,
Biodynamic Agriculture Association
pedro.jov [at] (Pedro)198290yes
BrazilAssociação de Agricultura Natural de Campinas e Região - ANCromeumleite [at] (Romeu)199180yes
FranceNature et Progrèsc.julien [at] (Claire)1972708yes
NamibiaNamibian Organic Association NOAinfo [at] (Manjo)200910yes
New Caledonia (France)Bio Calédoniadirection [at] (Aurélien)2009130yes
Organic Farm New Zealandmanager [at] (Carol)2002200yes
The PhilippinesMASIPAGrbuena [at] (Rowena)200510,500yes
USACertified Naturally 
alicevaron [at] (Alice)2002900yes
VietnamPGS Vietnamnhung.vcert [at] (Nhung)2009280yes

PGS Initiatives Officially Recognized by IFOAM (non-IFOAM Members)

CountryPGS NamePersonYear of CreationNumber of Operators IFOAM Member
BrazilRede Ecovida de Agroecologialaerciomeirelles [at] (Laercio)19982500no
BrazilSistema ABIO de Certificación Participativa en Redcanteiroscbr [at] (Cristina)1985200no

Self-declared PGS Initiatives

CountryPGS NamePersonYear of CreationNumber of Operators IFOAM Member
noBelizeBOA PGSmaximiliano.ortega [at] (Maximiliano)201125no
noBoliviaSPG Municipalgerencia [at] (Daniel)200830no
noBoliviaAOPEB's PGS gerencia [at] (Carmen)20061630yes
noBoliviaEcoFeriagerencia [at] (Daniel)200695no
noBrazilACS - Amazônia: Associação de Certificação Sócioparticipativa da Amazôniamzmarcio [at] (Marcio)200354no
noBrazilADAO/GO – Associação para o Desenvolvimento da Agricultura Organica de Goiasclaudiamoreira23 [at] (Claudia)199930no
noBrazilRede Xique Xiquefatimagondim [at] (Fatima)2000800no
noCanadaKootenay Local Agricultural Societyjeremylack [at] (Jeremy)200820no
noChileTierra Viva - Asociación de Agricultores Orgánicos de Chileinfo [at] (Andrea)199320yes
noColombiaFamilia de la Tierrafamiliadelatierra [at] (Oscar)201235yes
noCosta RicaSistema de Certificación Participativa APOT lilliamcm [at] (Fresy)200420no
noIndiaPGS Organic Councilmathew [at] (Mathew)20085980yes
noIndonesiaPAMOR Indonesialidya [at] (Lidya)2008400yes
noIndonesiaBIOTAMA Organicbiotama [at] (Anthony)200520no
noParaguaySPG Coronel Oviedomparedes [at] (Mario)2009100no
noPeruNational PGS system Peruagroecologico2003 [at] (Moises)20051000yes
noSouth AfricaBryanston Organic Marketglenda [at] (Glenda)200555no
noSouth AfricaKumnandi/Siyavunajacques [at] (Jacques)2010255yes
noSouth KoreaHansalim COOPhansalim [at] (hansalim)  no
noSri LankaGood Market PGSlorenagamboa8 [at] (Lorena)2013141no
noUnited KingdomClimate Friendly Farmsjenny [at] (Jenny Hall)2008 no

PGS Networks

CountryPGS NamePersonYear of CreationNumber of Operators IFOAM Member
MexicoRed Mexicana de Tianguis y Mercados Orgánicosrschwent [at] (Rita)20041100yes
PhilippinesPGS Pilipinasrbuena [at] (Rowena)2013 no
South AfricaPGS South Africalizeglington [at] (Liz)2010 yes

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